Theatre is for everyone.


Our Mission

Theatre is for everyone and everyone deserves the opportunity to perform. Imagining, creating, interacting live, collaborating, and playing are necessary to the survival of our species and making theatre is the most advanced form of these essential actions. Ours is a theatre of joy. We hope to share our art with everyone by teaching children of all ages, giving performances all around our community, and reaching out to every neighbor in our community door by door. 


Lauren Thompson

Lauren a founding member of Odd Act Theatre Group and directs our children's ensemble. She has acted in a variety of Odd Act productions including A Real Watergun, Baby with the Bathwater, How the Money Goes, and Ice Cream Musical, touring to London, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec. She launched Odd Act's first series of educational programs and has directed a variety of children's and teen performances.  She holds a BA in psychology from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

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Devin Arroyo

Devin is the director of Odd Act's high school ensemble. She has directed theatre at all levels, including adult improv and our summer show. She has appeared as a collaborative artist with the Phenomenal Animals in "The Fountain of Youth" and "Blood Rite" as well as Shakespeare's Cymbeline. Devin has performed in Odd Act's productions of Aladdin, Atalanta, How the Money Goes, Tails, and A Real Watergun. She is the first member of the New Jersey Tap Ensemble and graduated from Montclair University with a BA in theatre.


Rob C. Thompson, PhD

Rob is Odd Act's founding artistic director and oversees curriculum development as well as season selection. He directs the theatre program at Chesapeake College and has worked on productions in the US, Canada, Scotland, and China.